Land Rover Defender – first details appeared

Expected publication in the end of 2019

End of 2019, finally a new generation of the Land Rover Defender, eagerly awaited by off-road lovers, will appear on the streets.  Aditionally the traditional British manufacturer has also published the first photos of the off-road classic.

Latest images show a prototype of the all-new Defender while off-road testing in North America as part of its grueling test cycle. The vehicle will be subjected to temperatures as low as -40 Celsius and as high as 48 Celsius and at attitudes as high as 13,000ft. An absolute beast.


Land Rover Defender

And to be honest we had to breathe a sigh of relief in view of the pictures, as Land Rover has apparently resisted the temptation to draw the off-roader of the fashion accordingly softly. The sharpe and boxy shape is unique and characterizing.

At the front the radiator grille rises as high as always and the bonnet closes flat.  Also a split rear door on the prototype gives access to the boot. In other details, too, such as the window and door cut-outs, the off-road vehicle still shows corners and edges.  It can also be seen, however, that the slightly curved windscreen no longer stands so steeply and flatly in the wind and forms a smooth transition to the A-pillars.

No technical details announced

The bulky front of the four-wheeler is reminiscent of current Range Rover models.  Land Rover has not yet commented on the technical details. However, one thing is quite clear. Furthermore, the off-roader will not get the classic ladder frame of its predecessor.  According to reports, the British are relying on a new aluminium monocoque chassis with independent wheel suspension. It will also serve as a platform for the Discovery.

Land Rover Defender

In addition to the five-door body variant, there should also be a short and particularly all-terrain three-door version.

The Land Rover Defender is finally back after 3 years of waiting

Starting in 1948, the Land Rover Defender was built for almost 70 years with only a few technical modifications over the years.  However, in 2016 the production in the British Solihull was stopped, among other things because the new EU specifications for pedestrian protection with the angular body could no longer be kept.

Now, after 3 years of absence the Land Rover Defender will be back – strong and striking as ever.


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