Our Philosophy

The Brand

Redefining laws. Preserve, rethink and develop classic values. To stand up passionately for what you believe in. My ancestor Johannes Kepler still stands for all this today. He has not only managed to understand the events of his time and to compete with the best, he was a visionary of his time.

That is also the demand we place on ourselves. We will preserve timeless style and yet reinterpret classic patterns. Every accessory tells a part of our story.

Day after day we collect our inspiration at Lake Constance. The special lifestyle and flair around Lake Constance, with the cultural diversity of three nations, forms the basis of our inspiration.

But our philosophy is more than history and culture. We think that everyone can achieve everything if they want to and are willing to. Determination, hard work and will are unbeatable – Johannes Kepler has already proven this. Paired with class and elegance this is what KEPLER is all about. It’s more than accessories, it’s a way of thinking, it’s the KEPLER lifestyle. Get part of it.

Jonas Käppeler



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