The History of the Suit – all you have to know

As a time traveler, it would probably be the most suitable garment for a contemporary or timeless appearance. Once he eliminated differences and today he makes the difference. The suit is a piece of clothing with a history like no other. We made some research about the history of the suit, enjoy!


The motherland of the suit.

The history of the suit begins in the motherland of many tailors and gentlemen.In in the England of the 18th century a core of men formed who used to wear a straightforward yet noble style of clothing. Shakespeare describes this development several times in his works and traces it back to the Merchants. One of the most famous merchants of his time was Shylock. While Shakespeare portrays him as a foreign Jew, Shylock is far ahead of his time and highly regarded in the upper echelons of the English aristocracy.

Merchants’ business today would be referred to as a trade cutoff. They bought goods in foreign countries and then sold them in England. In the case of Shylock, it was the fine twine he brought to England.


“The dress coatwar”.

At that time, the suit was neither an expression of a special position in society, nor was it there to stand out in fashion. He was the exact opposite. “The dress coatwar” could be worn by everyone and thus managed to visually eliminate social, ethical and religious backgrounds. The fashion model at that time was not, as first to assume the English court, it had been the industrial centers. There Gentry and Merchants met to do business with each other. Its result was a mixture of the gentry’s clothing, which is comfortable to wear and suitable for hunting, and the Merchants’ classic and plain-coloured clothing. The first form of the modern suit was born.


The Tuxedo of the Business People.

As time went on and as workplaces were gradually replaced by machines, class differences increased.

In order to show this, the upperclass tendencies towards even more expensive suits emerged. This eventually led to a made-to-measure suit, which was a must for every gentleman from a good family. Around this, a gentleman’s code of conduct gradually evolved that dictated how a gentleman should behave and how they shouldn’t. This included the right family background and the right schools.

Gradually, the fashion center moved to New York. There Rockefeller and Morgen shaped the era of the Tuxedo. Ultimately, a lapless suit created by the Tuxedo Club.

This suit, however, was far from being a hallmark of the gentleman. He only stood for one thing: money, a lot of money.

Nowadays, individualism often shapes our lifestyle and so do our suits. Whether Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with extravagant suits by Vêtement or the classic Armani suit. Everybody wears it. And the suit makes the difference.

Nowadays,”style is a way of showing who you are – without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe


With a good suit often comes a true gentlemen. Read about the comeback of the gentlemen in our blog article.

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