History of men’s hats

In this article we want to give you a brief introduction into the history of men’s hats.

There was a time when it was unthinkable for a gentleman not to wear a hat. It was the last thing he ever put on before he left the house, and under no circumstances would he have it in the house.

But times have changed. But hats remain quite ambivalent and say more about us than they did back then. The wearing of hats reached its peak in the 1920s. After that they rapidly lost popularity.

history of men's hats

The decline of the hat

After the Second World War, men wore fewer hats than ever before. It was a reaction to the fact that during the war they always had to wear them in uniform.

But the real downfall began when most families had their own car. As soon as people took the car to work and back, no hat was needed.

This tricky old hair thing…..

Now hats were unusual. As soon as a man wore a hat, there had to be a special reason. And little by little the association arose that the hats were only concealed to wear a bald head. A hat hid something. Men with a full and beautiful hairline would show it, men without, well…..

In winter men without a thatched roof needed a hat for the warmth. In summer the heads needed sun protection and thank God there was a certain Hemmingway-like flair about a Panama.

The Cap

Then we entered the era of the baseball cap. These hats were worn in the middle of the 18th century by baseball teams in the USA and were more than just simple sportswear. The cap boom began in the 1980s with various celebrities and celebrities appearing on television with them. Today, it would be hard to walk along any city street in the western world and not find people wearing a form of baseball cap. In order to benefit from this constantly growing fashion, the offer of custom made hats allows the gentleman to participate in casual clothing, but of course with his own individual flair”.

baseball cap
New York Yankees player with a baseball cap

When the hat fits

It remained a little strange to wear a hat. They were degraded to weddings. The damn thing was worn in the elbow bend or pulled up on a funny photo – never really worn.

A Renaissance

Lately, however, the hats have been making a comeback – especially the custom made hats.

Let’s be honest, they are stylish, they smell of male self-confidence and when worn well, they look so much to the point. Of course, the whole thing has to fit the overall picture and you have to be able to wear it – no question!

Have the courage

Wear the hat for the right occasion. Hats have such power that they make an amazing first impression when you do it right. Finally, imagine how it would feel if you, sir, could raise your hat to the love of your life.

But the hat has also become an integral part of almost every international fashion fair today. Not as a functional but as a fashionable piece of clothing.

A hat fits perfectly to the Dandy style.

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