The Modern Gentleman – Gentleman’s Comeback

The modern gentleman. In the metropolises of this world you see them more and more often again. Strikingly inconspicuous, classically modern, quiet and yet with a special aura – the gentleman’s comeback.

With his distinctive and well-groomed suit, it is impossible to imagine the modern cityscape without him. But what distinguishes the modern gentleman? I’ve thought about this and summarised the most important points:


The most important point is personality. A gentleman is defined by his appearance, his manner and his style. He doesn’t try to look spasmodic with expensive clothes, but rather makes sure that he dresses and acts appropriately for the respective event. Because an appropriate outfit and appearance is worth more than the most expensive suit.

No to casual.

Although the tie has recently lost its importance even in the most formal institutions, many young and fashion-conscious people are opposed to it. They attach great importance to a well thought-out, perfect outfit. By the way, the turnover of flies has been nearly as high as at the beginning of the last century. Nowadays, the exception is no longer the one who wears a torn jeans with sneakers. But the one who has the courage to skillfully combined different classic stylistic elements to create a perfect outfit.

Do it.

A gentleman is a man of action. He does not complain about his current situation and the circumstances. He’s a person who has dreams and plans and who tries to make them come true. Also he wants to constantly improve himself and he always has a new idea which he tries to put into practice.

Old rules.

When was the last time you visited your grandpa? Maybe it’s time to do this again. The modern gentleman is geared towards classical ideals. He opens the door for the lady’s, doesn’t cut the potatoes with a knife, prefers his suit and looks in the eyes of the people he talks to! Recent studies show that more than 75% of Germans consider the loss of such ideals not as freedom, but as loss.

Man of the world.

You have a chance to be in London today, in New York tomorrow and in Paris the day after tomorrow. Take this opportunity! The modern gentleman is formed by travelling. He wants to get to know and understand the cultures of this world and always tries to get to know something new. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that he has to say everything for good and isn’t allowed to criticize some customs and traditions, but first of all you have to know and respect them.

And one more thing, nothing makes you more interesting than travelling. There’s nothing more exciting than spending an evening with a man who can tell stories from all over the world.

The right accessories make the difference.

And last but not least, the small details make the difference! The modern gentleman doesn’t take out his huge purse to pay, but elegantly pulls out his credit card case. In addition, he always adds a matching accessory to his outfit that sets him apart from the crowd. For example cuff links, a noble leather bracelet made of Saffiano, the matching watch or a timeless credit card case, they make the difference!


An absolut must-visit for the modern gentleman is the fashion fair Pitti Uomo, read about it in our KEPLER World blog article.

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