Fragrance for Men – all you have to know

Just follow your nose. This proverb is not as far-fetched as you might think when it comes to fragrance for men. Numerous studies show that a good fragrance has a strong influence on us in terms of trust, attraction and attractiveness. But what is the composition of a perfume? What should you pay attention to when making your choice? In this blog you can read about it.


The recipe for manipulation

As in most of my blogs, my sensory deafening general-purpose weapon is not missing here either – alcohol. However, today he manipulates in an unfamiliar manner. With a share of approx. 80% in perfume, it plays an important role. It binds the scents on the skin, but also the scents that make up the next significant part of a fragrance.

These can come from either natural or synthetic essence. Nowadays, however, natural ones are hardly used any more, as they are only of limited economic value due to their production costs. These have to be extracted in the classical process, which is of course extremely expensive, in addition to the limited resource depending on the fragrance. There are only very few ranges left that are produced with natural fragrances, including Thierry Mugler’s Le Parfum Coffret from 2006, which will contain Grenouille’s 15 essences.


The fragrances

Depending on the composition, different compositions of a perfume can be recognized which are stronger or weaker depending on the perfume.

The top note

After application we first perceive the top note in perfumes we also speak of chords we smell. The top note is decisive in that it decides whether we like a perfume or not. It consists of fleeting yet strong chords that do not last longer than one day. Popular top notes are mostly composed of mint, orange, citrus fruits, neroli or similar.

The heart note

The top note is followed by the heart note with its full aura. This is also very present and can hold its own for a few hours. These chords in the heart of the perfume determine the basic orientation of the perfume. Heavy, sweet, leathery or summery? The aura even lasts two to three days with good perfumes. To mention popular fragrances here would only be a personal opinion and would not do justice to the variety here either. The heart note is individuality.

The base note

This is all based on the base note. The scent creator forms with her the basic framework of perfume. These are often very heavy, leathery and durable chords. This base fragrance can last weeks, if not months. The best example are memorabilia whose smell outlasts the person and always reminds us of someone.

Only a few perfumes, such as Eau de Cologne and Splash Cologne, attach great importance to the top note and escape the classic fragrance pyramid.


Break the rules – The molecular scent

Different, modern and yet simple and special. It is a new perfume technology that creates new synthetic molecular structures in the laboratory and is the key component of the novel fragrances. In the bottle these are still odourless and only on first contact with the skin do the molecules connect with the body odour and bring it more to the fore. What sounds funny at first is revolutionary.

The perfume unfolds only on your skin the very special nuances that make molecular perfumes the most individual fragrance of all time. Studies have shown that the pheromonic effect of these fragrances is extremely seductive and attractive like no other perfume. Molcecule 01 was developed in 2005 and is still considered a revolution in the perfume industry. The fragrance is based on a single molecule – the Iso E Super. Its velvety, woody scent reinforces the body’s own smell, which only has the recognition effect on one’s own skin.

The durability

In addition to the fragrance concentration, the ingredients that are decisive for the scent are also weighted differently or new notes are added in some fragrances. Even small changes in head, heart or base notes create a new fragrance experience. Now however again to the rough basics.

Eau de parfum

With a concentration of fragrance oils of about 10 – 14 percent (sometimes up to 20 percent – depending on the manufacturer), eau de parfum is characterized by high intensity. One or two sprays are enough to smell pleasant all day long. This intensive effect of the Eau de Parfum is therefore suitable for the evening. Consequently, the price is also slightly higher.

Toilet water

The Eau de Toilette is again characterised by lightness and freshness. This is why it is very popular for the invigorating fragrance experience during the day. The use of 6 – 9 percent pure fragrance oil ensures greater volatility. Thanks to the lower concentration, the scent can be refreshed during the day.


With a fragrance content of 3 – 5 percent, the Eau de Cologne provides a soothing but rather short-lived refreshment. The low concentration of fragrance oils is of course also reflected in the lower price. Des Eau de Cologne serves rather the short refreshment in between.

Finally, all the basics should be laid and nothing can go wrong with the next perfume choice. Oscar Wilde also knew: “Compliments are like perfume. They may be fragrant, but never intrusive.”

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