Eliminate bad smell in clothing with a few simple steps!

There is a problem for every man who sees himself as a lover of classic men’s fashion. It is bad smell of clothes. Maybe because of the party you went to last night, maybe because you found a great piece of clothing in your forgotten wardrobe or for another reason. Hoewever, we can help! We will show you how to eliminate bad smells in clothes with a few simple steps.


Where does the bad smell in clothes come from?

Of course there can be some differences between clothes, which means that some clothes can smell much worse than others. It’s a spectrum that ranges from a hint of wool, or perhaps your grandmother’s attic, to something that smells like cigarette smoke, food, mothballs or other offensive smells.

Unfortunately, the main source of all these smells is actually a strong cocktail of organic compounds. In other words, substances from our own bodies.

Procter & Gamble study reveals main sources of bad odurs

A 2018 study by Procter & Gamble scientists came to this conclusion, after taking a random sample of clothing, putting it in a resealable container and filling the container with nitrogen gas to see what changes had occurred in the gas after about two hours.

Out of 18 major nasty-smelling molecular compounds, 12 of came from so-called body soils including dead skin, sweat and oils. These compounds, which were fermented over time, were the main source of bad odours. The other six compounds were also attributed to environmental pollutants such as car exhaust fumes, petrol, dry cleaning, solvents, food and perfume.

How can bad smells be eliminated from clothing?

How to eliminate bad smells.

Your first instinct might be to take these garments to a chemical dry cleaning, but in reality this is a temptation you should resist. The solvents used in chemical cleaning are simply not as effective at eliminating odours as our secret ingredient. Especially when it comes to odours derived from organic compounds. More specifically, odor elimination involves masking, encapsulating or changing the molecular structure of the odor molecule that has attached itself to the tissue.

Vodka always helps! The simplest and most effective solution.

Vodka helps to eliminate bad smells.

You probably won’t find it in your laundry room, but you should go to your liquor cabinet. That’s right! When it comes to treating smells on your vintage clothes, vodka will be the thing that serves the purpose. All you have to do is put the vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on the clothes. Because the alcohol in vodka interacts directly with the odor molecules on the clothing, which they encapsulate and reconfigure, and when the alcohol evaporates, it takes the odors with it.

Only a few things to keep in mind:

Do not mix with water and vodka.

However, do not dilute the vodka – especially not with water. The odor-binding effect of vodka is due to its high alcohol content, so adding water to the mixture will simply reduce the effectiveness of the vodka.

Pure vodka

You do not have to use expensive vodka for this application. The cheapest bottles available on the market are sometimes grain alcohol with vodka flavour, but as long as you make sure you actually get vodka, a cheap bottle will do. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any additional flavours such as fruit and is highly concentrated.


Although bad smells in clothing are often one of the most unpleasant things, they are surprisingly easy to eliminate. Skip the chemical dry cleaning and take a trip to the liquor store instead.

If you want a good high-quality drink with it: Here you will find the basics on a perfect whisky selection!

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