Dress like James Bond

You want to dress like James Bond? First, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you. Daniel Craig will unfortunately not take on any more roles in upcoming 007 stripes as he recently announced. We will review him and his perfect suits and show you how to create a unique 007 look.

First of all, a tuxedo has to be definitive. “A good tux makes you look so dazzling that people will come to you and ask ‘Do you have a new hairstyle?’ or ‘Have you lost weight? That’s exactly what happens when you find the right tuxedo,” says Gorge Clooney stylist Jeanne Yang’s.


Bring colour into the game to dress like James Bond.

As many people think, a white shirt is absolutely not a must. Try something new, for example a shirt in discreet blue or Burgundy. Another alternative that is extremely trendy at the moment is a classic turtleneck sweater if you want to attract attention. All in 007 style: you can wear anything, wear it confidently and it will look good on you.


New shoes, new mood.

It doesn’t have to be the classic suit shoes. Sneakers or tuxedo loafers provide a fresh and dynamic look. So you can dare a combination in velvet. To dress like James Bond velvet shoes and suit give an extremely noble and classic 007 appearance.


Please measure.

With a tuxedo, as with a suit, one thing is decisive, the fit and size. It really is the biggest mistake many people make, a suit that is too big. Once the tuxedo or suit fits perfectly, the rest of the outfit automatically looks good. So don’t make that mistake!
And don’t be afraid to tru something new with the tuxedo as well. Especially a dark blue tuxedo can be a welcome change to a degree of black tuxedos.


No more tuxedos?

However, Daniel Craig seems to have had enough of tailor-made suits and shaken martinis: In an interview with the British magazine Time Out, the 47-year-old said that he doesn’t want to take on any more role in the agent films.

But from now on, you can do it for him.


What James Bond really loved are good cigars. Read about our top 5 cuban cigars in our blog article.

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